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Valley of Death

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Name: Brii
Age: 15
Location: Bunnyland

Loves:black nail polish, black, the word chickens, nerds/geeks, my livejournal, squeak suicide, bloody girls, photography being crazy, cuppycakes, suicide girls, harry potter, hanging out with my friends, make up, , math, kittys, bubble gum, spontaneous sex, the movie theater, shopping, painting my nails, extreem girliness, japanese street fashion, laughing, dred extentions, strippers, my high school, punk styles, skateboards, cheese, my hair, pale skin, ville valo,running, revenge, ect, ect, ect


stupid people, fakes, hot weather, cold weather,being bored, rude people, people who think they are better than everyone, cheaters, blue, shit talkers, really fat girls who think they are hot, being broke, stains, people who always think they are right, bugs, cigarette smoke,
people who drink their lives away, child abusers, guys who try to hug and grab on me *GO JACK OFF IN THE CORNER IF YOU ARE THAT HORNY*, people who say they are gay when they are not, ect, ect ect ..


google Babble babble bitch bitch Rebel rebel party party Sex sex sex and don't forget the "violence" Blah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonely Stick your STUPID SLOGAN in: Everybody sing.


This layout was made by childofthecorn9 at velvet_whiskers

Photography done by David Lachapelle.

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07|02|10 at 06:07P]
[ mood | content ]

my wishlist of plays

The Creation Of The World And Other Business-Arthur Miller
Elegy For A Lady-Arthur Miller
Mr Peter's Connections-Arthur Miller
Some Kind Of Love Story-Arthur Miller
Two-Way Mirror---can only read after Elegy and Some Kind

and off from that i have been wanting to write in here again. Actually i have been thinking about writing in here alot. It is just that so much has happened and this holds so many memories of past things that i would never believe were true if it wasn't for it written down here. but i guess that is just more reason to start writing in here again. so in 3 years i can open this up and read things that i felt and thought and never believe that it was true. Infact, that is why i started writing in here in the first place. So i could have snap shots of moments of my past to always keep with me in my future.

so i guess this is just a friendly passing for now with a promise we will meet again soon

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followin through with my word [Wednesday
04|15|09 at 09:07P]
[ mood | blah ]

i said i would make sure i would post the pics from prom, and i am here almost grugingly doing so.

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around and around [Saturday
04|11|09 at 01:40P]
[ mood | exhausted ]

ohhkay so my nails right now are sooper annoying and long from getting them done for prom, so there are going to be a ton of spellig errors.

So prom was last night, i will post the pics from prom, well at least the ones before prom cause i was not in the mood to take pictures that night.
Prom was amazing. I loved it all so much!
After prom, kristi, me and megan wanted to go to an after party, so jorge drove us to one, half way through there was talk of an even better one, so everyone pratically ran out of this kids home only to find that the other one was shut down by the police. So there was like 10 cars with 8 kids per a car, all swarming in the middle of this street at 2am figuring out what they will do now, since everyone left the other one and now was hesitant to go back to the place that they just ran out of, but everyone did. it was funny.
close to 3 i called travis and told him i wanted him to come and get me cause i did not want to stay there or go home with megan with kristi. So he drives up, gets me and brings me back to his place, where we just laid there and talked cause he was all kinds of sick. but even when sick we managed to have some sexy time!
always great. Then at 7, he drove me back home.
so no parents had to figure out where i was really and i had a place to chill after the party.
thank yoo so much travis!
anywho, that is mainly it, i will get more in depth with the photo post

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04|02|09 at 10:07A]
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rip me up so yoo can stich me up [Wednesday
04|01|09 at 07:17P]
I just posted this on my myspace, and thought that it was enough to repost here. I am sure a few years from now, it will mean something to me to know just was going on in my head.

fact: I have not pulled a single prank today.

Ever since spring break has started, i think i have replied to 3 messages on here, only seen 1 friend; and that is because he randomly came to my home. Not answered the phone to talk to anyone at all, and not replied to a single text message.

I have never pulled back this much, but i think it is good.

I strugle alot harder than anyone knows because i am so busy pretending that nothing is wrong, being bitchy so nobody knows that i am hurt inside, and frankly.

im done.

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not angry at yoo [Sunday
03|29|09 at 10:31P]
i am angry at myself, for being so stupid. Stupid to think that yoo would think that after all this time all the sudden now yoo would start caring about me and things would be diffrent. Yoo saw me as some ignorant little girl that yoo could take advanage of, and yoo did. yoo lied to me and made me think that things were gona be diffrent. Yoo told me that yoo cared ever so deeply about me and that yoo were willing to work extra hard just to be with me. LIES
all lies that i fell for, soaked up and cherished. believes whole heartedly.
Trust me, it is never all in my head. I thought before that i was just over reacting, turned out my gut was right.
I can tell this is not right. Yoo either do not want me and just using me on the side, or yoo have someone else and i am just there when she can not be. either way, i am being played.
Fuck that, I am the player, yoo can not play the mother fuckin player.
Were done as of today. I cut off any feelings for yoo i once may have had.

Why else does it take yoo over fucking 24 hours to reply to more than half my texts, huh?
Why else can yoo almost never see me during the day, but at late night, huh?
Why else do yoo not want to tell anyone that is close to yoo in yoor life about us, HUH?
fuck that, not stupid.
But i guess it is ohhkay. Cause yoo were a pretty guy, and i knew i was gona get hurt from the very begining.
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I'm livin' my life all fucked up and alone. [Wednesday
03|25|09 at 02:48P]
oh how things can spiral out of control just by yoo simply living.
So i guess things are going good with Travis. I saw him a couple of nights ago, it was good. I do not see him nearly as much as i would like to though. Oh and two days ago was our one month together, far longer than I thought things would last.
Travis says he is going to take me to prom, but we will see what really happens.
Nothing is to really update, hence the two weeks absence. I have been living my life day to day, just barely each week being able to hold myself together. I have been suffering greatly from social shit. I do not even know what to call it. I put up this terrible wall between me and everyone else. And I am the only one who can live in my little world, no one is even aloud to know what goes on. And I have realized that I do this all because I am afraid of getting hurt, people are wicked, they hurt. So I spend almost all my time acting far tougher than I am, and then without fail someone will feel the need to say something horrible, which then I react by being hateful, not because what they said does not bug me, but because it hurt. But yoo see, I can not let them know that they hurt me, cause then they win. So I act rude and bitchy on the outside so no one knows that I am hurt, which only leads to people seeing me as this terrible person, which I really am not. I know me, and I really am a really caring person, and far too emotional. But everyone just sees this hard hearted bitch because it is a constant back and of pattern of people hurting me and me acting unfazed…so then people be mean to me simple because they think I am terrible. Argh. I am making no sense and just rambling, but no mater, I know what I am talking about. I just want to go away. I am tired of pretending to be strong and just going home and crying. *Secret* I even alter stories about things so that I seem like this terrible bitch, just so when I am asked people do not know that I was hurt, I do not know why I relate being hurt to being weak or pathetic, but I do. Like someone will treat me straight like shit, and some will ask me about it. And I make me the horrid person, and laugh about it and brush it off like it was all just nothing, even though I am hurt inside and I just want someone to hold me and tell me it will all be ohhkay. But instead people see me as this witch, that hurts people. And I know it all is a defense mechanism, I know that I feel that if someone knows that I am hurt, then they will see me as weak and when yoo are weak yoo are exposed just to get hurt more. I just wish people would stop when I ask them too…Just to leave me alone. Why must people live off pushing me, pushing me to the point that I can not return. I trust no one. I believe I have no friends, it is all an act. I laugh and joke around with people and hang out with them all. But a friend is someone who knows yoo. And nobody does. I go home and cry, and nobody knows. They all think that I am this heartless bitch, which I am not. I consider no one at that damn school my friend. I am alone in everything that I do. I do not fit in anywhere, not in the theatre, not any more at least.
I can not sing, so no choir.
I can not draw or make anything artistic, so i really can not pursue that.
I am not athletic at all. just pretty much can run...but i have done that.
I am not a stoner or am major drunk partier, so a whole group of friends that I used to always be with are pretty much gone.
I hate so many people at central as it is, that school is filled with far to many terrible people.
So it leaves me alone. No where else to turn. Just me.
I do not have a best friend, a friend that lives close, I do nothing outside school simply because my parents will not allow me anywhere.
If it were up to me I would starve away. Become exactly on the outside that I feel on the inside and eventually become simply nothing at all.
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just a bundle full of memories [Wednesday
03|04|09 at 07:36P]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

ohhkay so i was goin through the old computer that was thought to be dead
and found an ass load of old pics that i thought that i would never see again
sooooo. i am gona do a massive old pic dump so i can always have them here with me.

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argh [Tuesday
02|24|09 at 09:37P]

just a quick jibber jabber
i do not want to admit some things just yet. and if i write it, it means that it is true

oh fine, yoo beat it out of me. i am with travis, yeah that guy i have been talkin about for forever. which sucks and is amazing at the same time.
me and eli are still really close and all...but yeah

i auditioned for noises off yearerday. yup. i do not know how it went
i will post back with the results though.

i am fixin to go back to the tunnels friday. me and kristi are goin to check out the one the starts in the costume closet and leads to under the stage. hope it goes well...
i have never been to that one though.

other than that all. nothing much to say... or more like
there is nothing else i want to get in depth about.
so i will leave it right there

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lets be classy [Friday
02|20|09 at 06:53P]
soooooo i was bored. what better to do than write something new then.

Just another bloody day
Filled with screams
Delightful cries

Peering through the glass
Reminiscing the past
Looking though my counterfeit eyes

Nothing to compare
To the way the blood runs
Drenching the pretty blond hair

Tomorrow it will be nothing new
Just another dying breath
Just another blood stain to hide

The joy it brings
It makes my hollowed heart sing
Oh yes, I should introduce myself...

I’m your neighbor.
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02|20|09 at 05:40P]
[ mood | discontent ]

Ohkay. So fuck. Things are taking a bit of a downward spiral.
I have been with eli for about two weeks now. And as much as I told myself that I did not and could not like him, I did fall for him, a lot actually. He treats me better than I could have even hoped and we have been spending a lot of time together, like here when we were off being stupid on Wednesday before my one act performance

But after eli had to leave cause I was about to perform, and I did not want him there watching me. I looked out into the audience and just guess who was sitting out there, Travis. He was sittin front row right there. Since then he has messaged me and talked to me about how he would like to be with me and how he wants me… and now honestly I do not know what to do. I love being with eli so much, he is amazingly good to me and there is pretty much nothing I do not like about him but the fact that he is trisha’s best friend and not the prettiest guy out there.
But I have liked and wanted to be with Travis since like June! Travis wants to see if he can see me tonight… I do not know how things will go…I am afraid that I might cheat on Eli, which any good hearted person would then decided not to go see him tonight cause they know that there is a chance of cheating going down. But I digress, that is just not how things are going to happen.
Past all of that things have been going well. On Wednesday I preformed my one acts and it went really well. And I was fixin to spend after school today auditioning for Noises Off but mr. J is sick so it was cancelled. Argh. I was so ready too.
Valentines day was chill too, Eli gave me a big red bear and my dad ordered me a 100 lillies. It was sooooper sweet. I also went to faiths party and hooked up with Kristi and danced and had fun. And after the dance thing I went back to kristi’s we chilled till Monday when my mom made me want to kill her with a carving knife, but again, I digress.

Not much more is worth mentioning really. Everything just seems to get meshed into one big memory these days.
i guess i will leave off with some other pics that i have just not gotten around to posting up.

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that kid kissed me [Friday
02|06|09 at 04:16P]
[ mood | confused ]

eli kissed me. which led to me kissing him back.
which led to about an hour of us just makin out on his bed.
I feel terrrible about it. if trisha knew she would be so fuckin mad, and if i did something that one of my best friends would be pissed about, then maybe i should not have done it.
I just super did not plan on doin that. One minute we are play fightin his bed over the remote, laughin and jokin around, the next he was kissing me.
and what makes me want to beat myself up about it even more is...I really liked it.
i kissed him BACK. and then again and again to lead to about an hour of it. I do not know what happened. Things just got carried away i guess.
but i had not intention of any of this. i was sooper dooper happy to have just become his friend. and how what. if we do not go out, things will be akward. if we do go out, we will have to hide it from trisha. and if we do not go out and just fuck around, i would be a slut and i would have to hide it from trisha. see how there is not winning in this situation.
grr. I failed myself. i should not have let that happen. and yet, i think i like him too. not by how he looks on the outside, but genuinly i dig who he is in the inside. which is why i did not see any of this commin, normally i am so focused on the outward apearance, but this time, i fell for who he was on the inside, which is why i did not really realize i had any feelin for him there
ohh goodness, i am sure none of this makes any sense, and i am just rambaling
plus i am not checkin it for any spellin errors soooo
i know this probably looks like crap. i just needed to get this off my chest though.
i am still pretty shocked

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hangin [Thursday
02|05|09 at 04:40P]
[ mood | lethargic ]

new best friend

i have posted it up with eli that past 3 days.
The past three days i have chilled with eli for no less than 3 hours haha.
Yesterday we went to go get an ice cream cake. we ate as much as we could yesterday and today but some is still left over.
Oh and mike*yoo know my ex* called out eli. it was so fuckin pathetic. i felt terrible about the whole thing. I can't believe mike is bein such a bitch about things.
Today me eli and JD went to the chineese food place and had a MILD food fight. haha i got him all sticky.
I am fixin to go and hang out with eli again tomorrow too. i love hagin with that kid. he is just so chill.

yeah, i have been sayin this for awhile, but i think that i am finally done playin with travis. I am not fixin to wait on him, nope not even.
thinkin, i do not think that there is much else to say other than i have spent the majority of the week at eli's side, lol

so i will leave it at that

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am i just livin [Monday
02|02|09 at 08:22P]
[ mood | blank ]


i fuckin hate this dude! i am super tired of gettin played by him, yoo have no idea!
past that. i took kristi to the tunnels today. we were bored and she had never been before sooo off i went leading the way. we were lookin rough when we left from there though, we were covered in shit man.
i wish i had brough my camera. i would have loved to document how it looks down there so years later i can look back on it.
maybe my senior year i will take a SHIT load of pics and post it back up here as one final goodbye to my rumaging of central.
things though in my life have been goin really good. not fuckin up this quarter, i am actaully doing really good. so that is note worthy
Yesetday was god's birthday so she came over with midget and patrick and we all hung out for awhile and i gave her a supe amazing necalace that i had gotten for her at hot topic
she really does not have that much so it felt really good to be able to ger her something like that.

I have another post soon with nothing but pictures that i will get to soon
but i will just leave this mild update and this stop for now
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what if [Friday
01|23|09 at 07:45P]
[ mood | contemplative ]

What if my last petal is yoo love me not?
The deal is, i simply can not get past this guy.
I tried to like this other guy, who is new to our school, 19, and totally into me. He seems on the outside everything i would want in a guy.
But then i think of Travis, almost constantly, throughout the day, over and over.
Earlier this week i tried to let him go too. I wrote him an incredibly long message about how things are always just going to be the same and I just can't have any of it any more.
But his response. After that i could not even keep my eyes set on the goal i once had, to let him/ it go.
My biggest problem is i feel like nobody understands me, not just that i am complicated, just everyone is borderline brain dead.
When he replied, he understood, even my underline meanings to things. And then i got all chocked up, chocked up because to be able to talk to someone who understands, was just too precious of a thing to just willingly let go.
So now i am back at the same bittersweet spot i was just about a month ago.
Lost in the messed up arms of destiny. I tried to break away from it and just let it go.
But hey, maybe everything does happen for a reason.
I just know for sure, that i can't get over this kid, and I will not settle for this AJ kid, who really digs me but hey, who could blame him

we get along fine, but anymore than friends would be ridiculous, I know i am above him, and i never said that i was humble, i can see that we could never work. I am at least grown up enough to see that.

Other than all that, I have been working super hard back at school, not goin to fuck up this quarter, i have decided that i am getting back the girl that i once was, before i started to drift away and loose myself to chaos.

on the plus side, i will continue to attack the innocent by standards next to me and the PHOTOBOOTH,

ohhh, my agitating Camille. I need to leave these people alone! Haha

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long time no speak [Saturday
01|10|09 at 06:10A]
"The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with" Juno

so i guess i haven't posted up here in awhile. quick overall run down cause i do not want to get into things, bad memories is not something i wisht to have the joy of reliving. So the last week of winter break, trisha left, without sayin goodbye to anyone. That hurt like a bitch, it left me cryin for two days, untill i could talk it out with trish, i am gona miss that shit out of that girl.

So yoo remember travis right, ofcourse yoo do. He is now 20. So i have been hard for him the best almost two months, but i am about done with him, i am riskin alot just hagin with him cause my parents would fuckin freak if they knew that i was alone with a 20 year old dude. Plus i have been sneakin out at night to go hang with him. I like him alot and i totally dig the guy. But and here is the BUT!!!! Just like why we stopped talkin before, it is gona happen again, we are on two diffrent paths in our life, we get along fine, and we like eachother tons. But his friends and family will look down on the both of us bein together cause he is 20 and i am 16 and same with my friends and family. Plus, we just are in diffrent paths with our lifes, it would be SO hard to just spend time with eachother, when i get off of school, he is goin to work, when he is free i am doin the play or holdin a meeting. the only time we both are free is at night, and he can do SOOOO much more than i can go out and do. to want to spend time with me at night he would have to give up goin out with his friends and just bein alone with me, which is not that bad. But he could be out paryin it up at a club with lots of other girls, and i know that. And i do not want him to miss out of the *prime of his life* because of me
So i am about to write him and pretty much just tell him peace. and that i am lettin go of him cause i like him so much. And i know that it wil take way to much effort to make things work with us, and i do not want that for either of us.

Ohhkay past that. My camera has officialy became a SHIT! it will not do anything, it just fucked up out of no where, so i do not know the next time i will be postin up some pics of me.
other than webcam pics. but i have TONS Of pics back in the comp that i have not posted here, so i do not know lol

I am audtioning of raisn in the sun on monday. I have had my monolgue ready since forever. I really do have a good feelin about me makin it in this play. Plus i have been workin on actin in gabbys one act play. Oh so exited but i need to get on my shit on and slack.

lets see what else, i know i have not posted here in awhile so i am tryin to remember anything of inportance that i would be thankful that i documented.

Oh wait, my hair is red right now. yup. i am diggin it tons. I needed a change of pace from the ever constant black that i have been dying it since the 8th grade.
I think if i had to say what i am overall right now, i am just tired. Tired of all my friends movin away. tired of everyone i care for treatin me like shit. Tired of not havin that right guy to stand by my side. It just wears yoo down after awhile, yoo dig?
IDK man, i just feel like i really do not have anybody who i on my side latly yet i am up and ready to take on the world.

anywho, after all of that talkin and rambaling. I will leave
I will post back soon, goodness knows not postin in three weeks was a terrible thing of me to do
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12|17|08 at 08:22A]
History of Aspirin

Aspirin has been around since the Ancient Greeks. They used the bark from Willow trees to relieve pain and for remedies, later in 1829 scientist found that it was the salicin in willow plants that was relieving pain. Aspirin became more chemically know in 1832 by a German chemist who was experimenting with salicin and made salicylic acid.

It was Felix Hoffman, a German chemist who produced the stable compound acetylsalicylic acid in 1897. Is motive was quite pure. He was looking for a way to relieve his father’s joint pain.

In 1948 Aspirin took a new turn. Dr. Lawrence Craven noticed that out of all 400 patience he had prescribed aspirin to; none of them had suffered any heart attacks. This is when it was found that taking an aspirin a day could significantly reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

But acetylsalicylic acid has not been all good for the human body. The main side effects to aspirin would be the gastrointestinal ulcers, tinnitus, and excessive stomach bleeding. In fact children are no longer prescribed acetylsalicylic acid for viral diseases due to the finding that aspirin is associated with Rye Syndrome, which is a potentially dangerous disease that attacks the organs.

Acetylsalicylic acid reduces the production of prostaglandins and thromboxanes. Prostaglandins effect the transmission of pain to the brain. Cyclooxygenase is required for prostaglandins and thromboxanes synthesis. Acetylsalicylic acid acetylating agent, where an actyl group is covalently attached to a residue in the active site of the COX enzyme, this allows aspirin to take affect in your body.

Because of the ability of aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attacks and its ability to relieve pain in the human body, it has saved lives and made countless lives better. To think that something that was so simple to come from a tree bark could have such an impact on even our day to day lives today, whether we are trying to fight off a headache, or prevent a heart attack

Brianna Archibong
AP chemistry essay
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the blood in my eyes do not bleed for yoo [Saturday
12|13|08 at 07:51A]

Alright i know i have not posted in awhile. But it is mainly procrastinating. Not like I have forgotten about my LJ.
So I went to the Thespian Conference Last Friday and Saturday.
The week before that I was spending the night with trisha jen and toni . I have lots of pics from that that will be posted up. I just need to get my USB cord from jen.
I have been uber busy with school. Everyday I come home and posted it up on this computer and just study and finish assignments. I know it is sad what my life can come to. As far as my bulimia goes, it has gotten really bad. I am about to post pics of me in theatre yesterday to show the broken blood vessels in my eyes from purging so much. I look like a coke snorter who did not know when to stop, grr yet lol

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what america wants [Thursday
12|11|08 at 05:35P]
The women that everyone “adores” today are the beautiful and thin. You do not even have to take my word for it, just turn on the television or open a magazine and you will be bombarded by people like Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Jenifer Garner, and Heidi Klum. Yet everyday individuals look nothing like these women at all. In fact over 50% of America is obese. But according to our media and culture, they are pests in the way of perfection. So the only reasonable thing to do is to either get rid of them, which can be messy, or make them conform to the image of perfection that us Americans hold so dear to our hearts.

Just think about if for a moment, thin people walking around everywhere, so malnourished that they might just collapse at any moment, and never a reason to make a fat joke again. But the benefits do not just stop there! The average Americans food bill would go down dramatically because they are eating a quarter of what they would normally eat; gasoline would not longer be an issue because in order to stay in shape, everyone would be running around everywhere. It would also cost less to manufacture clothes because with stick figure people, material would go a whole lot further.

But without the right planning this will all just be a dream that obviously every American hides in the back of their mind. Not wanting to go against what is “politically correct,” yet must be true because Americans only faun after the beautiful and thin. So what we need to do first is to set guidelines for everyone no matter what your situation. Nobody aloud to enter any public building without weighing less than 95 pounds, yeah that sounds about right, America likes their girls’ killer thin. Also mandatory plastic surgery if you are caught by the beauty police more than three times. I know our economy will have to prosper just by the amount of doctor visits alone! Moderation of what people can buy must be in place also, if you want a cheeseburger, good luck. If your skin looks like it is breaking out or you are struggling to keep your weight to the 95 pound limit, then you get to settle for a yogurt parfait. Exercising will also be an important law. If caught driving and you exceed the 95 pound limit, you automatically get fined two wait three thousand dollars.

No worries for you gentlemen, you have been forgotten. The same 95 pound limit applies. Wait what is that? It is unfair that you men have to be forced into such extreme measures just for the sake of perfection. Well I do not think it is unfair at all, men have been forcing these same ideals upon women for centuries, time to man up boys, beauty hurts! Do not think this is so wild though, you do not expect a now perfect girl to be with the likes of you, with your beer belly and pit stains.

Why so worried? There is no need to get offended. If America did not want this then tell me why every model on the run way who is wearing only the best clothes fits these standards. If America does not want this then how come for the past century, thin has been in. How come the rate for eating disorders is increasing each year? Because deep down, this is exactly what America really wants. What the economy is failing? It must be because our Americans our fat and lazy and need to get better jobs. Americans are having more health issues? It must because they eat 9 meals a day. The rate of depression is going up? It must be because you are ugly and nobody wants you. That is what America believes, right?
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11|15|08 at 08:36P]
november 14
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